Unique view of the capital

Our spaces offer an experience throughout the day, every season. Sky Bar & Restaurant stretches on two floors above Bratislava - the 7th floor consists of a bar and a restaurant, on the 8th floor you will find a glassed-down terrace divided into a restaurant area, a cocktail area with stand-by sitting and in the summer months also an outdoor terrace.

When food is enjoyed

A gourmet experience for us means the symbiosis of all senses. Our cuisine is directly connected to our view. Picturesqueties and symbols, traditionally and modernly. Guests can enjoy a modern cuisine influenced by local flavors. Enjoyment from food is more important to us than unreasonable extravagance. However, a pleasant surprise from the combination of flavors, aromas and visually appetizing serving, our kitchen guard as a family secret.

Art in the hands of bartenders

Let yourself be pampered with unique flavors and stories. Each of our cocktails has a story that will be gladly sung by our professional barman team. Expect a mix-up experience that captivates you with all the senses.

Everything is about people

It is up to us to make our guests feel extraordinary. We have been doing everything for 12 years to get what they need, and to make our communication a joy to our guests. That's why we've created a professional team of people who love their work, have a lot of home and foreign experience. We look forward to every guest and believe that thanks to us, everyone will enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable experience.